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Niki Luparelli, a local chanteuse who has grown into a beautiful brass-balled butterfly Goddess commanding every stage she sets foot on with the electric quality that only time and talent allow. She has the sparkle of old Hollywood glamour and the gin-soaked liver to back it up. She is what would happen if David Bowie and Mae West had a baby. 


With the acquired presence of an immortal: Ageless and fearless, she will lull you with her classically trained, artfully abused,  velvet covered voice and then sucker punch you with her bawdy banter and mastery of the absurd. A long-time comedian who has appeared in the Santa Monica Westside Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, hosted the Boston Comedy Festival semifinals for years, and won NYC’s ladies of laughter, Niki isn’t just a set of enormous pipes. She’s known for her Bowie, Stevie Nicks, and Haunted Speakeasy® events and as one of the judges on Boston Drag Gauntlet.

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